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Two of these became, like, short stories more then drabbles. Oh wells. X-posted again. I was gonna posted these with the ones that I haven't finished, but I decided to post them now.

Dedications: jockstrap_girl, antontobias86 and markie98

Tie Me To A Chair
Fandom: Son Of Dork
Pairing: Steve/Dave
Rating: NC-17

I watched as they sat him on the chair, tying him to it withe much to big rope. I was sure James was having too much fun tying us down. As soon as he secured Dave he scurried off the set and was gone. I licked my lips at the sight of a bound Dave and watched as he had his photo taken from various angles and with various faces. One of the poses was Dave with his legs spread and his mouth open, in a sort of dumbfounded expression. It made me instantly hard and I knew, I knew I had to have him.

I whispered to the photographer, slipping him a tenner and he left us alone in the room. I came closer to Dave, flashing him a smile as I did so. "Comfy?"

"Nah." He squirmed about, trying to get free of the rope, but apparently it was tighter then it looked. "Untie me?" He asked, pleading with his eyes.

I shook my head and leaned forward, planting a kiss on his lips. He struggled, trying to move away from my lips. "Steve? What the hell are you doing?"

"Something I've wanted for a long time." I ran a hand over the rope, then down his red shirt to his crotch. I undid his belt buckle and he started squirming even more.

"Steve! Stop fucking around!"

I placed my lips on his to silence him as I pulled his zipper open and opening his trousers to reveal his boxer-clad cock. I pulled the boxers down and he pulled away from me. "Get of me Steve!!"

"Shush." I whispered, wrapping my hand around his semi-hard dick. "You'll like it soon." I squeezed his length, trying to get him aroused. He bit his lip, as if trying to supress some sort of moan as I felt his dick lengthen in my palm. "See?" I grinned, sliding down to my knees and kissing the head.

"Steve..." He moaned, only this time I was sure it was out of pleasure. "Sto...oh shit!" I smiled around his dick, the whole thing now down my throat. I closed my eyes and settled into bobbing up and down, up and down, my tongue licking at his now leaking slit every time I was up. He started groaning and I knew he was enjoying himself. "Steve... stop... I'm gonna..." I closed my eyes and focussed my full attention on his head. A few seconds later he came and I swallowed him greedily, before standing. He was blushing and panting and couldn't look me in the eye.

I planted a final kiss on his lips. "Thanks Dave." I smirked and left him like that, still tied to the chair, his cock still out.

Fandom: Noise Next Door/Mcfly
Pairing: Tripcest
Rating: Rish

I looked through the peep hole in the wall. I'd found the peep hole the first time we'd been here, when I was making out with Charlie and made a mental note to come back. Ever since, every time I was here I'd sneak into the store closet and look through the small, drilled hole in the wall. It was always an interesting peep show, it seemed every occupant of that dressing room went in for some form of sexual activity.

Matt and Charlie.

Mark and Aaron.

Nicky and Shane.

Mark and Kevin.

Well, you get the idea. As I looked into the room I was now all too familiar with I saw three figures enter the room. As soon as the door shut they were all over each other, pulling their shirts open and unzipping their flies. I heard them gasp and one of them moaned a name. "Scott... hurry up." Then one of them, the one I assumed was Scott, decended to his knees, clearly to suck the one that moaned for him's cock. The other one moved behind Scott, pulling his jeans down and stroking Scott's ass.

I purred, my own hand unzipping my jeans, going inside and stroking my hardness. Then, the guy behind Scott rammed into him and I heard him moan around the first guy's cock. As I looked at their faces, trying to figure out who they were I realised that the one being sucked was Craig, while the one fucking was Ed. I stroked myself as I watched them both grind and thrust, while Ed's hand stroked Scott's cock while Ed and Craig made out.

I bit my lip as I came, softly moaning as my spunk splattering over the wall at the sight. I panted softly, my eyes lidding as I got my breath back. It was then that Ed left Craig's lips, turned to the peep hole and smirked.

Black Mamba
Fandom: Mcfly/Fightstar
Pairing: Harry/Charlie
Rating: Rish

He lay beside me, a lit fag between his lips. He blew smoke into the air every so often as I contented myself with tracing patterns on his chest with my fingertips as I thought about us. We'd met at school, where the extent of our relationship was an exchange of a few mumbled words, flies being unzipped, trousers lost and his cock entering one end of my body. It was pretty simple really, after all, he wasn't the only one using me. After school we went our seperate ways until I joined Mcfly.

However, my joining of Mcfly was slightly... well contrived. Although I was a good drummer it wasn't until Tom learned I went to Uppingham that I seemed to gain his attention. He took me out for lunch and 'interviewed' me. It was basically a mix of him flirting with me and proping me to see if I had any sort of relationship with Charlie. Of course I told him I did, in a way. He put me in the band on the spot, but on one condition.

A few days later Mcfly was born, which, of course meant a party. Charlie came and we met again, for the first time since our last encounter. It didn't take us long before we were in my new bedroom, fucking each others brains out. That was how the whole night was spent, rampant sex in my bedroom. And the bathroom. And Tom's bedroom.

And the kitchen.

Our relationship became semi-solid over time. We weren't boyfriends, we weren't fuck buddies, we were somewhere in between. But I was able to influence him. During the band's ridiculous trip to America he was on the phone to me every other day to have phone sex. Which meant I was woke up in the middle of the night to answer him. Fucking time differences. Eventually I, like his idiot 'girlfriend' Camilla, journeyed over to America and he was able to spill his load inside me, which no doubt was a vast improvement to his hand.

While we lay in bed he mentioned something to me, something that piqued my interest. He wanted to start a heavier band, something that would be more rock-orientated then Busted. Now we were getting somewhere. I made a call that night, then left a few days later.

The trip to America a failure, Charlie returned to our bed, telling me how he had been secretly writing songs for this band he was thinking of. It was I who encouraged him to go for it, to start a band that could be his 'side project' from Busted, a band that eventual borne the name Fightstar. It was I who told him that, secretly, neither James nor Matt seemed to approve of this, which of course wasn't true. But he believed me.

In January he disappeared and it was back to phone sex again, until I got a call on the 14th.

I remembered it to this day.

"Charlie I.."

"Turn on the Tv." I heard Tom's very excited voice.

And, as I turned it on I saw what made him excited. "..yband, Busted have split today."

And so, that was how we got here. I planted a kiss on his cheek, then cuddled next to him. Mission accomplished.
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