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Make me feel like a dork

So, what have I done today. Not much. I've wrote three drabbles and then gone and added 3 to the list. NTS: Stop using drabbles as a dumping ground for pairings I need to fic so I don't to do them kthxbye.

I'm going to expand at least one of the drabbles, Night Drive, into a full fic cause I've been ordered told I should. So I'll do that and Dirty Little Secret part 8 tomorrow maybe.

I've got Busted live on the device. I didn't think that the punter cam was for the whole thing but apparently it is. I thought it was only for two songs so kept running back and forth like a fool to see if it'd finished.

How come I don't have the Paint Your Target dvd? It has Pa...Pahlu.. the video where Charlie is wet. And we all know wet Charlie can only equal goodness.

I'm starting to not hate Matt which means by the time his single's out I may actually like Matt enough to buy it. Might.

MAJOR SOB my Pokemon dvd went funny and weird and skippy butnotskippythebushkangeroo:'(

I miss rping. I wanna rp somewhere maybepossiblyIdon'tknow. I was Lee for, what, a year? I wanna be someone different if I rp again. Maybe Dave from Wales. Hmmm...

Must. Stop. Staring. At. TOTP. Cause. Of. Dork. Bondage.

How Ironic that this song plays as I'm doing it.

Tie me to a chair...
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