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Not from a Jedi

Drabbles, part 1. (There's 8 more which aren't done yet)

Drabble summary: I'm not telling you anything about them. Come on, they're drabbles telling you anything other then pairing, fandom and rating gives it away non? The titles are, for the most part, songs (or lyrics to said songs) that are on my playlist right now. It just goes to show what sort of crazyy songs I have on said playlist.
These will be x-posted to mcflyslash, nextdoorslash, simon_slash, sonofdorkslash and vslash

Night Drive
Fandom: Mcfly
Pairing: FletcherJudd
Rating: PGish

I drove on, glancing at the city that was now a distant glow in the rear view mirror. I smiled, then turned to look at the back seat where he lay, sleeping. His bright blue eyes were hidden by his eyelids as he layed spawled on the back seats, just where I'd left him. I was leaving everything behind for him, absolutely everything. The boot was filled with a suitcase and a bag of the first clean clothes I could find as well as my guitar. Everything else I'd left behind with Danny and Dougie.

I remembered how I'd got here. How I'd given Dougie and Danny money to, as Dougie so nicely put it, 'piss off for the night' which, thankfully they had. How we'd sat and had dinner. How, when he'd gone to pee, I'd sprinkled crushed sleeping pills on his half of the pizza. How, after eating, he suddenly became very drowsy and went to bed. How I'd loaded up the car with the bags. How, once I was sure he was sound asleep, I kissed his lips for the first time. How I'd carried him to the car, locked him in then drove away as fast as I could.

All to be alone with him. All to make him see just how much I loved him.

And if he didn't understand, then I'd make him love me back.

I drove on and the city disappeared from sight.

Fandom: Mcfly
Pairing: Harry/Dougie/Danny
Rating: NC-17

Sometimes I worried about Dougie's obsession with being bound up. Sometimes I worried about Harry's unnatural obsession with bodily fluids. But at times like these, specifically sex, that I just stopped worrying about their little kinks and fixations. Like the amount of girls clothes Dougie had (most of which had been here since he'd moved in and weren't off fans like he'd claim), or the way Harry would always moan Dagie, or Dougnny or any other weird mix of our names, when he came. Or that Harry sometimes liked filming us making out and that Dougie had a wall covered in naked pictures of us instead of posters like a normal person. Or that neither of them would fully shut the door during our fucking sessions.

I lay on my back, handcuffed spread-eagled on the bed, thoughts of these guys running through my head as Harry and his vibrator fucked me. All that could be made of Dougie was his hands groping at Harry's chest, as if he was expecting to suddenly find a pair of boobs there instead of Harry's muscular chest. I heard his moans as he slid in and out of Harry, his thrusts making Harry ram harder into me. His little vibrator buzzing away inside me.

Other things about then that puzzled me. The fact Harry had gotten a tiny vibrator off Charlie as a birthday gift. The fact that Dougie had more pairs of high heels then my sister. Dougie's general oddness and Harry's aloof arrogance which was just an affront to his real self. Their closeness, as if I was some sort of third wheel (but that one was only passing, and mostly due to the way they'd hug or hold hands wherever we were). The way Dougie had a habit of biting the closet thing to his mouth when he came, which usually meant a bloody neck as if we'd been bitten by a deranged vampire.

I closed my eyes as I felt my orgasm washing over me, my dick spraying on my chest which made my ass clamp around Harry's hard on. He came too, with a yell of "Donny!" and he collapsed on me, his neck bleeding for Douge's bite.

Yeah, they were both weird and slightly disturbingly freaky, but they were great in bed and I wouldn't give them up for anything.

Goin Down
Fandom: Mcfly/Simon Amstell
Pairing: Harry/Simon
Rating: NC-17

I looked up at him, my mouth around his cock, his eyes were closeed and his head tilted back. My tongue twirled around his length, my teeth scraping along it gently. He was letting out soft groans as I continued my mouthwork, my hands stroking his thighs. My thumbs lightly stroked his soft balls. He was gasping and moaning in pleasure, mumbling incoherently between breaths.

His balls went up slightly and his cock expanded in my mouth. I closed my eyes and readied myself. He moaned my name as he came, his warm seed landing on my tongue and hitting the back of my throat. I swallowed as much as I could, not wanting to waste the taste of him.

He panted softly, then pushed my head away, zipping himself back up and looking down at me. "You can toss yourself off right?" I nodded slowly, though what I really wanted was for him to do it. "Good." A smile crossed his face as he fumbled in his pocket, tossing a crumbled note down to the floor in front of me. "Same time next week Judd."

Let It Enfold You
Fandom: The Noise Next Door
Pairing: Tripcest
Rating: Rish

I held them close as they slept either side of me. We'd slept like this since we were kids, all in one bed, in each others arms. It wasn't until puberty hit us that it became... sexual. When one of us would be awoken by a hard-on pressing against our hips or asses. Then the one poked would awake and gain his own boner, which would result in a quick jack-off in bed, hoping the others wouldn't be awoken by our actions. Of course most of the time it caused the one nearest the offending triplet to awaken, but as a general rule they didn't react or move, just watch through half lidded eyes.

It wasn't until we were 16 that we started having wet dreams. And when we did the inevitable splatter would be enough to soak through whatever we wore and end up on another of us. It was then that we decided to try mutal masturbation. One night we all had boners so we decided to take the natural step and toss each other off. It was going to be a one-time thing but soon.... we became addicted. Every night we'd lay there there, or we'd sit in a circle (or more accurately a triangle), our knobs in each others hands as we furiously stroked each other.

It was our seventeeneth birthday when it progressed to more. Ed told us had a special birthday present for us and, we soon found out that his present was his mouth around our cocks. He was a great cocksucker, a real natural. We all gave it a try after our first time.

Other that year we became more experienced and rimmed, 69'd, fucked and got spit roasted by each other.

We got a place of our own for our eighteeneth and our sexual encounters only intensified.

And now, now I felt so lucky, so content to be with the two people I loved most. The only two people I had and ever could be intimate with. I closed my eyes and nuzzled Scott's neck.

Fandom: Son Of Dork/Bullet For My Valentine
Pairing: Dave/Matt
Rating: Rish

I gazed at him, his body laying on the counter-top. He was so very pale, his skin was practically white. Even though he was still, unmoving and pale, I still couldn't believe he was gone. His naked torso was unmarked, not autopsy was carried out. The only mark on him was on his left thigh. A bite mark, large and bloody, was torn into his skin. A large chunk of his flesh had been torn out, sizable enough to create the blood loss which killed him. I sighed softly, sadly. I ran a hand through his soft hair, which even now was still the bright blonde that he insisted he dyed it.

I planted a kiss on his forehead, whispering a goodbye before I turned to go. Just before I reached the door I turned to see him and raised my palm, giving him a weak wave. And that's when I saw it.

A twitch.

His hand twitched.

I blinked, certain I'd imagined it but then I saw it again. Another twitch, seemingly stronger this time. I gasped, running over to his body. "Dave! Dave.." I looked at him close now. He was still unmoving, still pale and lifeless. I shook my head slowly. The doctor said that sometimes bodies could... do things, even hours, days after they died.

I couldn't believe I'd gotten my hopes up over something so small. I turned back to make my way out, again turning to glance back at the body but before I could get all the way around I felt something behind me. I glanced over my shoulder and there was Dave, standing right behind me. But there was something... off. His eyes looked strange and his skin was still deathly pale. He growled, then bit my neck, tearing into my flesh.

Blood sprayed over his face and as my life started seeping away I realised. It wasn't Dave. Not anymore.

Fandom: Lee Ryan/Mcfly
Pairing: Lee/Harry
Rating: NC-17

"Yeah, that's it suck it..." I closed my eyes, feeling him suck my cock. When he said to come to his car, I thought he meant for a make out session, or at most to shove my head between his legs. I'd never thought he was a bottom, he always seemed like a top. I mean, after all those girls he supposedly shagged (and all those guys I heard he had too) I'd thought he was some sort of uber-top. Seems I was wrong.

I ran a hand through his dark blonde hair, pushing his head down on my engorged cock. One of his hands were cupping my balls, gently squeezing them. His other hand was in his jeans, steadily jacking his dick off. His head bobbed up and down and all I could hear was slurping sounds and my own groans. From the way he twirled his tongue and grazed his teeth I knew he'd done this before and fuck, was he good at it. I made a mental note to do this again if we were ever at the same place again.

"Lee...." I gasped out his name and felt my cock expand, filling his mouth with my seed. He eagerly swllowed, then left my cock to lick at his sticky fingers. He smiled up at me, planting a kiss on thigh.

"Wanna come home with me tonight?"

My answer was so simple and so, so obvious. "Fuck yes."

Fandom: Son of Dork/V
Pairing: James/Mark
Rating: PG

It seemed like it was easy on us now. With the band split up and me out of work I now had a lot of time on my hands, time I spent with him. He ran a hand through my hair, holding me close. We spent a lot of time together now, every free moment he had he spent with me, his fingertips stroking my chest and his lips on my neck. We'd spend days like this and nights too.

Life was perfect.

Or it seemed perfect. At nights he mumbled a name in his sleep, one that wasn't mine. It had a definate v in it, which I found to be scarily ironic.

When I asked, he told me there was an audition-ee for his new band called Dave. Apparently he was really talented, though James always changed the subject when I asked about what he was talented with.

Then it happened. Today, as I was sucking him he moaned the same name. He didn't even notice he said it.

But I ignored it. If I focussed enough on him, he'd realise that he loved me. After all, it had been like this when we started, only then Charlie was the name he called.

Yes, it would go away.

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