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Is it possible to learn this power?

Should I be disturbed that my gadget has 4 episodes of Buffy, both Resident Evil's, all of Queer As Folk Uk, Underworld and Queen Of The Damned but not one Star Wars film? My excuse is that I'll take a day of this half-term to watch all 6 in one day. I've been planning it since I got the Episode 3 dvd but everyday I plan to watch I wake up too late. To watch them all requires a degree of planning plus a lot of time, since to watch all of them is about 13 hours. Add in the Clone Wars (which oddly are on the gadget) and it equals 15 hours.

Yep, I'm going to spend over half a day watching Star Wars, which day I do not know yet.

How cool was Enterprise? I knew there was a reason I loved Mirror universes. Empress Sato!


Today I've been biten by the writing bug and I've written, well, half of the drabbles I have to write. Thusly, they'll be posted in the next hour or so (I'm still working on one hence the time). Shockingly only about half of them are smut. Also shocking is the ones with a 'plot' could be picked up for a sequel/prequel/proper fic cause I have ideas for them. Also, one was meant to be a fic but I couldn't get the inspiration so I tossed it in. Huzzah!

Watching X-files with mum is amusing. She yells at the screen. She's odd.

Life As A House is on this Wednesday. Which brings me to a point: why have I had this film for months and not watched it once? it has Hayden frickin Christionsen in the shower for fucks sake.
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