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Down, down in an earlier round

I think I have a Noise Next Door fixation. I just bought most of their singles off amazon (except, oddly, the most recent one cause it wasn't cheap) and one off e-bay (along with Slipknot, Madonna and Dannii Minogue). Most of them I got for 1p, so I'm quite proud. When the most you have to pay is postage, you know you've got a goood deal.

Paypal's arsey though, so I have to send payment for the e-bay ones through the post.

Should I be disturbed by this new obsession? Meh, I need Noise Next Door icons.

Why is it I always ask Nina for banners, then have to slash (or find slash) about someone I don't have one for? Rawrr it's annoying. Nina, could you do more some more banners sooon pweese. If you have the time of course.

I'm doing the drabbles, it's just very very very slow going cause I'm easily distracted by shiny objects and porn.

My gadget has been recording since I woke up and now has the following things on it:
*I Wanna Hold You video (the first thing I put on it!)
*I Wanna Hold You Home Movie
*Dougie and Harry's wedding
*Resident Evil
*Resident Evil Apocalypse
*Queen Of The Damned
*Reedemer video
*Forsaken video
*System video
*Little Britain series 1 (both discs)

Before morning it'll have MCR, Mcfly, Son Of Dork and V on it. And the Star Wars music videos

Speaking (vaguely) of Mcfly, anyone got a release date for Just My Luck? IMDB says April, but I've heard March. Confusion much?
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