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Death is your gift

I got my gadget working! Woop!

I was bored so I went through my fics and decided to list all the ways I'd killed people in them. I've killed people a lot of ways *pride*

Star Wars fic
Charlie Simpson: Falling 10,000 stories
James Bourne: Explosion
James Bourne: Lightsaber decapitation
James Bourne: Lightsaber through the head
Branden Steineckert: Force choke

Bitemarks And Bloodstains
Dave Williams: Chest ripped open, organs removed (was to be explained in another fic)
Quinn Allman: Unknown, most likely choking

Blade You Stain
Frankie Iero: Throat slashed
Matt Good: Stabbed in the heart
Jepha Howard: Shot in the head
Quinn Allman: Stomach slashed open
Ray Toro: Choked on his hair
Bert McCracken: Dismembered and decapitated
Conor Oberst: Buried alive
Billy Martin: Organs removed
Billy Corgan: Stabbed in the heart
Benji Madden: Flayed alive, then set alight
Joel Madden: Flayed alive, then set alight
Adam Lazzara: Drowned
Branden Steineckert: Skewed by a hot poker
Harry Judd: Decapitated
Dougie Poynter: Strangled with a cilice belt
Sonny Moore: Burned alive
Gerard Way: Stabbed in the chest

Frankie Iero: Dismembered
Mikey Way: Dismembered, slashed throat

Knife Blood Nightmare
Harry Judd: Dismembered, burned though the killing blow was stabbing the lungs

Matt Good: Decapitated
Frankie Iero: Stomach slashed open
Danny Jones: Slashed in half
Zacky Vengeance: Dismembered
Quinn Allman: Unknown

Mirror, mirror How Amazing Is My Figure?
Gerard Way: Either stabbing or dismemberment
Frankie Iero: Hung by his entrails, though he probably died beforehand
Mikey Way: Stabbed in the eyes
Derek Bloom: Hanging
Conor Oberst: Stabbed in the heart and neck
Sonny Moore: Shot through the chest

The Chair
Branden Steineckert: Whipped to death
Jepha Howard: Shot through the chest
Sonny Moore: Choked on piercings

Branden Steineckert: Chest torn open, organs eaten
Bert mccracken: Chest slashed open, organs eaten

Would You Bury Me?
Gerard Way: Unknown, murdered
Mikey Way: Shot in the head

Wretched Hive
Quinn Allman: Fed to the Rancor

Walk Away Series
Lee Ryan: Slashed wrists
Duncan James: Slashed wrists

Over Now
Charlie Simpson: Stabbed in the back

Near Zero
Steve Rushton: Explosion
Danny Hall: Explosion
James Bourne: Explosion
Chris Leonard: Explosion
Dave Williams: Explosion, debris flying through his chest
???: Shot, burned alive

Drabbles tonight.
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