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I wish I knew how to quit you

Here begineth the post.

This morning I got to Walsall and I finally got the Mikey figure! Yay! Sci-fi shop? Why is Frankie £15 and the others £12? Anyway, Mikey'll be sexing Gee later.

I got Bullet's singles, but I haven't heard em yet. They don't have stickers though sob.

I also got Kerrang! Kerrang=squeeful! At first, I solely got it for the reason that it had a Panic! poster, but it also has a Bullet/Kerrang XXV poster (I dunno which side I'll put up). There's a thing with Aiden and wiL's topless again (is he a whore?). The end has MCR returning next week What for? Maybe Life On The Murder Scene. I hope anyway. But the most squeeish thing about it is an ad near the back. Panic! are doing a tour :D

Yay! They're gonna be at the Academy again. I wanna go (even though I'll be seeing them 12 days later anyway).

I got to the Cinema and seen them both (reviews below cut for length/spoilers). Out of all the trailers, 3 piqued my interest (and one was so short it couldn't be counted as one). Those three were Aeon Flux (which looks insanely cool), Da Vinci Code (I'm intrigued by it) and Hostel. Hostel was the short one and it was torturing and <3 I wanna see.

I hate when critics call a film bad. It kinda puts people off going, which I guess is the point. But some films are much better then the critics say, Underworld: Evolution being one of them.

Now I went in expecting it to be crap, the reviews had led me to believe that it was, but I went to see it anyway cause, well I wanted to see if they were wrong. And I liked the first one.

Personally I loved it. I don't know weather it was due to the blood splatters, the explosions, the decapitations or simply Michael being topless a hell of a lot.

Good things:
*The whole start battle: decapitations, blood and Amelia had lines!
*Amelia returning
*Explosions: of the safe house and the boat
*Blood and lots of it
*Michael being topless and naked in the sex scene though damnit Selene's leg got in the way
*Tannis and his vampire whores
*The whole thing about Selene's family
*Markus's death
*The helicopter
*Michael being shown as less then all powerful

Iffy things (not bad but... eh)
*No Erika: That's my main point of contention, I loved Erika she shoulda had more scenes then just a flashback sex scene. To me, she was smart enough to leave the coven so she's still alive
*Kraven's demise: Although he had it coming, I thing it was just... too fast and too early.
*Markus in general: I didn't really.... like him. The thing he kept doing with his wings (to practically every character he met) was at first cool, but then became.... eh. It's like he relied on the some completely thoughout the whole thing.
*Death: practically every character introduced in this was dead by the end of it. That reallly annoyed me, as some of them (especially Tannis) could've come back in a sequel (if there is one). Instead, everyone gets killed.
*The commando guys: While they didn't annoy me or anything they made on fatal flaw which killed them all: they knew Markus was going to release William and they knew Markus had a head start, so likely William was free. So why oh why did they only carry UV rounds and not silver or silver nitrate rounds as well? No wonder they all died.

Another random thing, does Viktor seem to twitch a lot or is that just me? I also noticed potential Markus/Tannis slash which is... creepy. But Tannis/Michael, that'd be much better.

I still love it immensely and I'd see it again. I hope the prequel is just as good and has more Amelia in cause I like her (in lieu of Erika I have to obsess over someone right?). She already has quite a big fan base, which was around since she first appeared in Underworld even though she was in it for about 10 seconds and said fuck all.

Another thing: only two songs from the soundtrack were in it: The Undertaker and Morning After (And that was on at the end credits, yes I stayed to watch the end credits). The others shoulda been in it, the first Underworld had snippets of lots more.

After hiding out in the toilets and sneaking into see it I finally saw Brokeback Mountain (the evil ticket woman wouldn't lemme use my Orange Wednesday thingy).

Brokeback suffers from the opposite to Underworld, it has good reviews. Some could say too good reviews. Brokeback took awhile to get going. For the first half hourish it was a bit slow, but you could tell Jack wanted Enis (hee his name's like penis!) since they first met. Eventually (after an encounter with a bear and lots of shots of sheep) it happened Enis got drunk and stuck out in the cold, Jack invited him. (it looked like Enis was wanking rather then shivering). And then it happened. It was rough and just.. ugh hot.

Boo on that crappy owner guy spying on them (he needs slapping). And boo too on the gutted sheep. Did we need to see that? I think not.

Also, cowboy rodeo < 3

Jack's 'I'm not queer' is pretty much a lie as he's shown, at least trying it on, with no less then three other guys. Does the name jack automatically make someone a male whore?

Seeing them with girls was.. oddd (also very strange that Brokeback had more shots of boobs then Underworld). At least when they met up Enis's wife caught em. Well, not caught so much as stared. But yeah, she realised quick he was with him.

If it had been a tale set now, then they would've run off together and lived Jack's vision. Alas, they didn't. Enis eventually left his wife but they kept up meeting (though Jake FYI never ever get a tashe again!).

El Paso made me thing of Kill Bill. Except, unlike Kill Bill it had male whores. Also, that blonde woman annoyed the hell outta me. Talk talk talk, couldn't she shut up?

Then it got sad. Enis and Jack argued over not being able to see each other and Enis told the (horrible) story of a his dad showing him that dead suspected gay's body. And then Jack died. I almost cried. Did his wife come up with that ridiculous explaination of death on the spot? I'm surprised Enis beleieved it.

Him finding Jack's old outfit in his parent's wardrobe was all :'( The end, with him looking at the outfit again was sad too :(

It was sad, but Revenge Of The Sith still holds the record of the film that made me cry most.

I'm glad I went.
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