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And all the ladies want you and sometimes gentlemen too

Mcslash awards nominations are now open. Go. Vote. I've voted on 6 catergories so far (the 6 easy ones with obvious winners like Best Male Pregnancy).

The others, like Best Orgy and Best PWP are... less easy. In fact they're downright hard to decide. But Nominations end in two weeks so I guess there's no real rush.

However, I'm of the general belief that 3/4 writers will get nominated for multiple catergories and are guaranteed wins.

Anyway, enough of that. There was a short Bullet thing last night/this morning at 1:40. It was cool cause there was this Japanese girl with an MCR tee and there was kissage between the group but damn I've forgotten who kissed who and it's bugging me.

Enterprise=best one ever. I <3 AU's

I'm obsessed with this song! 8blames jockstrap_girl
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