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Every little thing that you say or do

Everyone from college has this fluey thing to. They're not going in either. Result. It's pointless for me to go in cause I'd just be sent home. I might go in Friday, just to get my thing signed if the lesson's on.

I won the Big Cheese cd with the MCR interview off e-bay. I only payed 1p plus about a quid postage. Yay me!

Wednesday/Thursday (Depending how I feel) is cinema day. I'll go at the 9.50 bus, to get there for the 11 showing of Brokeback Mountain (finally), then when it's finished I'll sneak into Underworld: Evolution that starts at 2:20, so it's all good.

I wanna see Final Destination 3.

I feel awful today. I felt like I was gonna be sick, my tummy hurts and my voice=gone. BAH!

Enterprise AU today though. Yays.
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