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He thinks you've got big melons

I think that, somehow, I have that fluey thing that's going around. Which, roughly translated means I can't leave here for x amount of days. Which, ironically isn't missing much as college will be winding down anyway (and we have at least one lesson off anyway).

The only bad thing is I won't be able to get cds and Cannock won't have them so blahs. I think I'll order Bring Me The Horizon and Academy off amazon, then go and see if the singles are in cannock when I feel a bit more... able to be mobile.

I've been to trying to write but no luck. I'm so uninspired, I've lost the spark. Anyone got a spark?

There's Panic! At The Disco slash which is <3 and hot.

Edit: Though this really should go in another post but two things:
*GAY FLAMINGOS! :D:D That's so cool!
*Kylie's in full remission! :D YAY!
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