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Viewers, make no mistake - this is end of days stuff

Miquita interviewed Fall Out Boy on Popworld and I wanted to slap her. The one time Fall Out Boy aren't on the same time as that awful bitch Shakira and it's being asked the most ridiculous things. Miquita: this is the reason why Simon does interviews, because Simon is both funny and gay. You are neither. Ahem. But Pete had nice hair and said his favorite band was Panic! (Which makes me wonder if Panic! are gonna turn up one day speaking to Simon).

Speaking of Popworld when the hell are they showing the Nottingham thing? It's been, what? Three weeks now? PUT IT ON ALREADY!

It's cold and I'm gonna spend today writing.

I sorta want it to be Monday so I can get my ALG and just buy Fall Out Boy, Bullet For My Valentine, Bring Me The Horizon and Academy Is... And if I have enough left, Madonna.

Yes I do expect weird looks for the till guy, but then again, I'm used to them.
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