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We live in a real world, come back to it

So today, the most I've done is write a few lines and pop off to the co-op and get Kerrang and Smash Hits (I was gonna get Smash Hits and TOTP but alas no TOTP). Outside the Co-op there were police. Fuck knows why. I think they were attempting to move the car that was in the drive. Or something policey I dunno.

However, Kerrang and Smash Hits are interesting. (Well, everyone knows Smash Hits is causa the topless Danny/Dougie poster). But there was a sexful Harry poster with his old hair making a weird face. He's a strange boy. Speaking of strange boys, there was a Dave interview (in which I can imagine him not pausing for breath the whole way through) where he talked about comics, marbles, talking people to death, begging Steve to 'do things' and not bathing. Nice Dave.

The only other Smash Hits note worthy thing was all of Busted being on the same page towards the back. It has a pic of SOD and a comp to meet them (I'm sooo doing it when I find my phone) which has Dave grinning like an idiot. Next to it was a How to... thing with matt babbling about impressing people (I don't care enough to read it). At the bottom is Charlie who's car got clamped :(

Well, that wasn't interesting at all was it?

Onto Kerrang. Kerrang has fewer highlights in. There's wiL topless, an ad for Academy Is and Panic!, there's wiL/Mattness (like I honestly needed more inspiration for that) and then there's Matt, Jay and Moose in the shower together. It also states that Fightstar's new vid is 'creepy'. See soon, I must.

I wonder if there's still tickets to Fightstar?

Steve draws ejaculating cocks.
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