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But it's what you wanted

Did anyone else watch The World's Biggest Penis last night? (Oh come on, you all knew I'd watch)

Dear god they were fucking huge! Though they didn't show any erect for 'decency' (which is total bullshit as they shown a naked woman dancing around) even soft they were, well bigger then all the ones I've even seen anyway.

It's actually quite scary and I'm not surprised that one guy's actually tore a woman's bits. Ouch.

The guy who claimed to be biggest was walking around in tight clothes and it was practically wrapped around his leg and it wasn't even hard! Hard, he said, it was as long as his entire forearm and almost as big around. Fuck. That is definately what is known as too big.

They also said about men feeling inadequate due to big one's being in porn. But I don't feel inadequate.

I wouldn't like one that big anyway, they require too much support and too much effort.

I still feel blahish. I hate my bed cause it was uncomfortable this morning so I couldn't get back to sleep :( Bah.
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