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Gaze into her killing jar

Today was oh so boring. I just spent it poking Sam and looking at Sheik/Link porn (that's here and sob it won't log me in now). As I predicted, my other String Quartet tributes are here now :D With a few Guns N Roses one as an apology for lateness *shrug*

Being in bold indicates ones that have high priority and wll be done in a day.
-Carry On Dancing [Harry/Dave]
-Dirty Little Secret [Dougie/Dave]
-Breathless [Matt Tuck/wiL]

-Parking [Lee/Harry]
-Untitled [Link/Sheik]
-Untitled [Dave/Steve]
-Untitled [Gerard/Mikey]
-Untitled [Charlie/James]
-Untitled [Ian/Moose]
-Untitled [Brandon/?]
-Untitled [Simon/?]
-Too Close For Comfort [MCR/Harry/Dougie]
-Suicide Boys [Various]
-Battle Royale [Various] Postponed indefinately
-Untitled [Link/Morpha]
-Untitled [Link/Dark Link]
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