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There's a Pizza Hut on a corner?

Yesterday was strange. I saw TOTP which had a brilliant SOD thing. Dave=love.

Then I went off to Birmingham to, first use one of those computer terminals and more importantly, track down Laura for glompage.

On the bus the most amusing thing happened. As I was standing up these annoying chav kids were in front of me and they sccreamed 'Argh! He's coming to get me!' :D I scared them good. *pride*

I saw Sonny/Mikey's lovechild again! He=sex. If I see him again...

I texted her as soon as I got her number, but got lost and had to call her :[ I found her in Pizza Hut and pushed through the crowd and sat with her and Snish (who I had the feeling I knew from somewhere). We patted each other on the head. We babbled about all sort's of things (my mind wondering when the conversation somehow ended at what clothes we'd like to be :[) and I was poked into eating pizza. I've never had the stuffed crust things before. It was quite nice. Then we had fundoo which is absolutely love. A photo was taken but I'm not sure how I look. Laura=prettyness though.

I then sticked around with them as they went into Virgin/HMV. Virgin has way too many lesbian posters WHERE ARE ALL THE GAY GUY ONES??

Ahem. Then we had to part ways so hugs were had (Laura hugs=love!) and then I returned home. I fell asleep on the bus then dropped my phone. Gah I'm so bad.

Thus endth the day.

This Friday I'll be offline the daylight part of the day.
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