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This song is dedicated to you no matter what gender you. All three of them

Welcome to AOL.

Have sweeter words been uttered by a machine before? I think not.

My recent disappearence may seem planned (after all it a week since the trouble plus the lead up to Kerrang!) but alas, it was not. On Thursdday afternoon a tragedy occured. I let kitty Tom in. And while he was after the bird his tail knocked my pepsi over the laptop. Thusly, within moments, the laptop died.

I took it straight to the computer shop, which ensued the only good to come from this: being served by the fit tech guy. He said that it'd take a few days and, thankfully, it was just the keyboard.

Naturally I was... a bit irritated, so I got the old fossil computer and tried to set it up here. It failed as I couldn't find the broadband driver so I just wrote fic and installed Galactic Battlegrounds. (Just goes to show where my priorities lie doesn't it?) I called tech support to get a temp dial up and it was just like Foamy's tech support. I had to stop from laughing.

Friday was interesting. We did fuck all in the morning, but UCAs got paid for and sorted. Sam popped in for all of five seconds then was gone. We (me, Neil, Mike and Gordon went to the pub) and I watched em play pool. Gordon (who's always said that 'Stuie's open about who he is and you gotta respect him for that.') has asked us to go to his band's gig when it's sorted. There's no location or date yet though.

Anyway, along came my trip to Birmingham.

Birmingham, last night was ruled by the emos. They were everywhere. Every street, every shop. Before I went to the Academy I got Kerrang and had a go on the lottery. Then I joined the queue. The queue that was already massively long (anyone that knows Birmingham, it went under the bridge.)

In the end, I couldn't sell the extra ticket (do the Academy refund unused tickets?). The queue was 5 people wide when it started moving and it blocked the entrance to the car park. There were people going past the line with panic! stickers on them <3

When I finally got in Aiden were already playing and I'd missed Knife Blood Nightmare :( They were brilliant though. wiL told a story about them being on the same strech of road as Bayside were when they had their accident. Then they told us to hug who you came with and said 'this is your family, this is your brother's and sister's.' Which made me glad/sad I came alone. They said they'd be around the merch booth's later as well.

They went and it was Still Remains next, which i don't care about so I went to the merch booth to see what there was. I almost got a Bullet hoodie, but just got a Bullet tee. Then I had my first encounter with lesbians, making out. I've never seen lesbians make out before.

I went for an explore all around to find the best place to watch. When Hawethorne Heights came on I was to the left of the stage. They were brilliant, especially the last to songs. Where Do I Stab Myself In Ears, which I'm sure I was the only one singing along. Then Ohio Is For Lovers which the crowd went wild for. Their bassist (I think) is so hot <3.

Then I ran to the merch to get a poster (I considered the hat, but it was so overpriced and the sweatbands were pink). Just before I got served, Intro started playing and everyone at the merch went wild to try and get out. I got my poster then ran near where I was to drool over matt. He's so hot <33 I'm sure his tattoo's gotten bigger.

The crowd went insane. You could tell they were all here for them. The music became the crowd's energy and everyone was singing along. They have the gift (which I've only seen in MCR and Robbie) to get the crowd in a frenzy and to get them to do anything.

It was amazing. Matt said the quote that is ^ which still has me giggling. But it was true, they were pyro's and smoke :D

The End was, purposely, the last song. And the moment they left the stage everyone was rushing out.

I think I seen someone from Aiden and Hawthorne as I went out but I couldn't get to them. As soon as I was out in the night, there was people. And a taxi with two big security guys flanking it.

Unfortunately I didn't stay :( I went past poster and tee selling guys (picking up a tee as I went) and headed to the train station. When I got there I was seconds too late, so I was stuck there for an hour. How boring.

A homeless guy came up so we talked and smoked (how come the only being I talk to is an old tramp?). Anyway, he was really smart (he could multiply two numbers in his head) and he'd just got outta prison. He was put in for beating up guys that were trying to rape a girl! You shouldn't be locked up for that, it's not fair. No wonder no one helps each other.

After he went, I read Kerrang. How slow is it for only now picking up Fall Out Boy? But at least it has something about Panic! in and a Matt poster. (Oddly, Panic!'s album is now in the shops).

Then I seen the hottest guy. He was Sonny and Mikey's love-child. He had Sonny's hair and Mikey's pose and guh! I think he was gay.

The train back was boring though.

I have stuff to post about today (such as meeting Laura :D) but thee post is already too long, so I'll post it tommorrow.

PS: I need to get TOTP mag. DAVE BONDAGE!
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