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You saved my again

I <3 e-bay. Just for my own amusement I looked to see if there were an P!ATD tickets left and the answer is yes, yes there are. The problem is most are in groups of two's or three's but one was just one ticket so that's on watch. Hence, I shall buy it unless it's tripled in price.

If I get it it means I'll met and glomp lapifors :D

I got distacted during writing and watched Paranoia Agent. It's weird, but it's brilliant, as all Japanese stuff is. It has a hooker who is also schizophrenic which is genius.

Mum's been babbling about Open Day at Uni. Shush mum it's not for like half a month, it can wait a day before sorting, but nooo it has to be done today for some bizare reason. Sigh.

Johnny English is hilarious and oh so British. Why aren't there many films like thaat anymore? El sigh.
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