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The Trade Federations and the Commerce Guilds

To all that thought that from the last post was Tom, you are wrong. But don't feel bad, that's what I thought to. Who was really being described was Doug. Not my description, but Sam's. I need to teach that boy some things... then who's who in Mcfly.


I do believe I've finally been inspired for fic. Huzzah! It won't be posted on any communities on GJ, just my writing journal bloodeyesockets. For the meantime anyway all of my fics will be just posted there and LJ.

In related topics, would anyone be interested in Bulet For My Valentine slash? *might do some more*

I might do Zelda slash... *ponders who to pair Link with*

Kerrang on Friday, which might serve to inspire me more.

Neopets is an addiction!

Edit: Why isn't the Bullet/Bring Me The Horizon promo things near me? :(
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