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We must move quickly

Supernatural and Surface are brilliant. How the hell ITV landed those is beyond me. Although for Supernatural I couldn't seem to stop my 'brothers who are lovers' mantra in my head. El sigh.

Had a short and dull day. Only 5 of us turned up for lesson, so we did pretty much fuck all.

It was fun making Scott disturbed, but it's a: fun and b: his own fault.

Sam=<3 He did Busted jumps for no reason. Then for some reason asked if I'd fisted myself for god know's what reason. I swear, you leave him with me for longer then 5 seconds and asks me sex questions.

Later he asked me twang his boxers, then sat on my knee <3

However he can't come to Kerrang as he's going somewhere (he didn't say where) so I pinned an ad for the ticket on the notice board.

Sam went to the dentist at lunch and this hot guy came in so I stared. ha!

Lisa's sorted out my UCAS application thing so all that has to be done is the payment. Yay!

Sent home early, got some sushi <3 and am now on Majora's Mask. Yay Link! Link=sex.

Question: If someone described a memember of Mcfly as baby faced and fat who would you think of?
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