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27 kids

Today was the signing. (I have pictures, they'll be up tommorrowish).

Gettig to Nottingham was easy. It's all marshy on the route and there was a big power station which reminded me of what I'd learned about them at school :[ I got Smash Hits, but only for the poster. It's a bit crappy but the poster is uber-slash. On the train I needed the loo, but the toilet door wouldn't open. It turned out it had controls inside and no way to open it outside. gfdghfd how dumb! I also larned, never try and put eyeliner on a train: it almost results in an eye poked out.

Upon getting to Nottingham I ended up throughly lost. I came out the wrong exit and went the wrong way a lot :[ I went to HMV and yay they had QAF US so I got it. Walsall HMV hasn't had it for ages and I've always been curious about how the US one compares.

Then I went to WH Smiths and got the X-files book/dvd thing (the first one of these sort of things are always a good price but then it ends up not worth it). SO I took it to the till and, with my HMV bag clear to the till guy I asked 'Is this the right way to Virgin?' His reply?

'It's over that way *points vaguely* But there's a HMV right next door.' gffghf I know I was just in there you fool! You can see my bag!

After about 10 minutes of hunting I finally found Virgin and the queue was already about 50 people long! At 1pm! So naturally I joined and only a few minutes later I found out I needed a ticket so I waved a guy and he gave me one.

It was pretty boring and not much happened. Balloons got released and that's about it. A James clone was wondering around which made people scream until they saw his face.

It's unbelievable how many people asked what's going on, when there's a big ass sign telling them!

Then at 4 it went crazy. The Popworld cammeras (which I'd forgotten about completely) came out and filmed the line! That means (when it's on) if you look closely, you should be able to see me!

Then, soon after the camera people went in everyone screamed. I looked up and there was the real James up at the window! That was the point I got excited.

Minutes later we were led inside and taken downstairs. (They had MCR figures but they were Ray and Bob which I've got :[) Anyway, after group singing and general chantting, they appeared for the Q and A.

Most of the them I couldn't hear, but I heard the two most important ones. 1: There's a tour in Summer being planned. 2: the next single is out in Easter for that ALien film. I can't remember what it's called though :[ The amebous blob aka the barmy army kept shouting so I couldn't hear :[

Then the signing began. I got some pretty good pics while I was in the line, but with people moving I don't have one of the whole group :[

Random stuff: There was definate Steve/Chris vibes though :D For some reason Dave got balls around his neck. Dave's voice seemed a bit croaky. Danny finally looks hot! :D James with a Robin Hood hat is the cutest. There was an inflatable she for 'The Welsh one' I wonder what he'll use it for ;)

Two bad things though, before I get to the my bit with them. One: They wouldn't sign none cd sleeves/posters. This wasn't their choice, they clearly wanted to but the security guard was mean. Two: Security ordered them not to move from their seeats so not much posing was done (and with me alone I couldn't have a pic anyway).

So the time came when I met them. I got really nervous so couldn't say anything :[ I handed over my Eddie'sSong slipcase, CD1 of Eddie's Song (for Grace) and TOOL dvd (which is going to be sent away soon). I should have handed over my TOOL slipcase too though :[ I can't tell whose signaure is who.

Anyway, with me nervous and pushed I couldn't give the stuff to James and Dave. I tried to call Dave, but my throat was dry so my voice was crap. Ergo, he couldn't hear me. Also, with me being right in front of them I could have taken great pics, but as soon as I got in front of Dave I forgot my cammera even existed fgfyfgf I'm a fool.

Soon as was pushed to the end occupied by the lovebirds so I knew I had to give them stuff now else I wouldn't have the chance. So I asked Steve and he said yes and gave me a thumbs up :'D Steve is great I love him more now, he's my second fav. I kinda feel bad for not doing anything for him though. :[ But he HAS THE PORN so he might read it :D

I really need to do Steve/Chris porn.

Then I was shooed out and was mobbed by the fans outside :[

I got lost on the way to the station. :[ I went aroud in a full circle I think. Sob. When I got there I had to wait an hour for the train anyway :( Uneventul trip back, I slept.

I had sushi though :)

So, what did I give Steve? Dirty Little Secret Part 1 (which is two A4 pages long! :O), Cries In Vain, both of Gina's manips and links to Son Of Dork slash and Gina's journal :D I also gave him Grace's letter and blend to give to James.

When I returned, badness ensued. But I'm trying not to focus on that. If I did I'd get depressed.

Anyone wanna go to Kerrang in Birmingham next week?
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