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Today I'll know for sure if I'll be able to go to Nottingham. It comes down to one thing: If the ALG is in the bank. I gave it in last Monday and normally it's in within a week, so it should be today. If it's not, then I bring foward my talk with grandad about going. I was gonna ask him last minute (so he couldn't tell mum) so he'd give me money for food (in case I didn't have enough). Whenever he knows I'm going somewhere he'll gimme money (most of my money for Belgium, Cyprus and London was from him) so hopefully he will give me some anyway, or, since Nottingham is fairly close he might run me up there.

Still no sign of anything mail-wise or anything about the SOD/Mcfly download.

There's an exam this afternoon, but unlikely last week's I'm sure I'll do better cause Lisa's told us likely stuff it'll be about.

Mum watched that autopsy thing on 4. Should I be worried? The only good thing about it is the naked guy that comes on and has things projected/drawn onto him. He's hot!

It's just dawned on me I have no idea where the Kerrang tickets are. Eep. That means a search tommorrow. At least on the day I'll have half a day to change, get ready and go there. I still need to be sure on what'll happen on the night (cause naturally it'll finish late, so the buses won't be running). It's either come back by train (which is bad cause even they might not be running) or staying somewhere.

In the word's of a certain decoy 'Either choice presents great danger.'

Question: SHould I make a commnity to post my fics so they're all in one place?
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