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Something wonderful has happened

Today has been... wow. The morning was boring, (Sam didn't come in till 10) though everyone was clammering for my smokes. Tom and Gordon insisted on paying though. Tom's had his hair cut, not sure I like yet.

At lunch I went and got my bus pass. Yay! Freedom again! On the way back the others waved me into the pub to which I was greeted by a loud 'Stuie!!'

In the pub: Scott got Tom on the pool table, Sam got flavoured condoms, I seriously disturbed Scott, Tom beat me at arm wrestling, Scott grabbed Sam's hand and put it on my leg, to which it took him a few seconds to move it. Tom's ass was in my face, then he shown off his chest. There was other stuff but it was blah. We missed lesson though :[ Sam urged me to go see Son Of Dork and he wants to see them live (however my pass won't lemme go that far :()

Then we went to a bar called the Wharf,where several great things happened. I beat Gordon and Tom at a card game. A hot boy with a pink bit in his hair came in and I gawped. Gordon offered a snog for smokes (which I may take him up on). Gordon seems very interest in me. Sam came with a girl who said I 'looked like Mikey' :')

Though the best thing left me stunned. Sam kissed me on the cheek for two smokes, which he DIDN'T EVEN WANT! I'm totally not washing it.
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