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*Walked to the big Woolworths and got Bullet In My Bible (the genuine one) for cheap from it
*Seen a massive lizard the size of my forearm on the way back
*Came online but comp ate my money before I could post
*There was a musical show but it wasn't famous musicals appart from Phantom

Monday (The day the holiday became crapola)

*Went into Paphos
*Got 5 copy CDs (HIM, Blue (from Italy or somewhere), Tatu, Limp Bizkit and Blink 182) I haven't listened to them all yet but HIM's the best so far
*I seen Pokemon in Woolworths including a Misty one (what a delightful monika)
*Went into Mcdonalds (yay) which does it's buyrgers different from home so I get mine faster rather then a wait
*On the way back to the hotel we popped into a jewellers to drop off things my grandad had sent (cause he's friends with em) and Lyndsey wouldn't stop with her bloody sob story (her husband died, which is ok, but she keeps going on about it and going into details) then she went on about how bad she's going to get (which is bull, she said she'd be blind but her eyes are better then me or mum's and her leg's perfectly fine), then came the last straw. She bought up my nan and how bad she'll get. Which I don't want to here and upsets me. When mum told her to stop she said 'I'm not going to keep quiet just to keep him happy. He has to realise it.' I do fucking rea;lise it that's why it upsets me! So I stormed off. Mum came after me and told me she'd dealt with her but she'd followed her so I went off again. Thusly we went our own ways, me and mum on our own and her on her own. Sounds ok doesn't it? No. She had our money in the safe and refused to give it us so we were WITHOUT MONEY FOR TWO FUCKING DAYS (thusly I haven't been anywhere or been online). Mum's agreed that she's childish and so we're severing all ties with her completely. But more later.
*Alexis (family friend on the island) came. She's great and lovely :')
*We went and saw the hypnotist, which was funny. I love one of the hot activity guys


*Stuck around the hotel and sunned myself
*Played Pokemon and got used to the idea of fire Pokemon
*Started Lost Souls (which is amazing so far). I also have a new love for the writer because she says she goes home to 'two cats and two boyfriends'
*Walked down the beach and tried to catch a shrimp thing in the rock pools but they're too bloody fast
*Outlined a fic idea
*Watched the Mcfly documentary
*Watched Episode 1
*Went to a mix thing that the entertainers did, that was funny


*Woke up at the insane hour of 5 (3am in Uk) for a hot air balloon ride. It was nice but nothing special
*We were going to go to Paphos but couldn't obviously
*More sun, Lost Souls and Pokemon
*seen a delightful puppy
*Seen a delightful asian boy
*Watched Episode 2
*Mum got the money and stuff from her but she crossed the line you do not cross and said we don't love nan. Which pissed me off immensely (I wanted to smash her face in) I'm so pissed at her it makes the katie fights look like a tiny temper tantrum. You insult or go at my nan, mum, grandad or Zazzie, kel, Helen etc. then I get pissed. More pissed then I do if you're going at me. But going at nan. That's low. She lacks any social graces at all (at least katie had some)

Thursday was spent down the town. Not much happened. Alexis came with her daughter Andrea to say hi. She's shy and doesn't know much english yet, but she recognised me! Even though I hadn't seen her in over a year.

A big ass Christmas tree, more then twice my height, appeared overnight.

Friday we went around the island on one of Alexis' tours. Twas fun. Went to Larnaca (which is ok, but the beach is like one's back home), Nicosia (which is the capital), which was fun too. Then it was to a tiny, dulll church and a little village with weather like home. We didn't get anything. She left us pressie's though. Mine was a car clock which is... odd.

She had to see the manger about a tour next month. A group of Bournemouth students are coming. Why do I have to come the month before the gay students?

Next year I'm taking Sam's advice and going to Reading. I blame him for putting the idea in my head the only time we were alone together (and I bloody wasted it, stupid stupid stuie).

I wanna go to New Orleans when it's back to normal for Mardi Gras. I blame my book for that.

Random thoughts:
*There's a lot of Elena's in Cyprus
*I saw a massive, clear rainbow on Thursday
*I got 3 Doors Down today, I have no idea why
*I went in the luggage room and there was a carousaal thing. Anyone noticed what Wednesday, Thursday and Friday's initials stand for?
*Cyprus is kitty island
*Condoms are cheap there
*They should have them this cheap here
*....that's not to say I bought any
*I have cigs
*And hollumi cheese

I know I've missed stuff probably but blah.

Thoughts while I've been here:
*How come grandad an leave cards and bills, bring the bird back and put the beds on, but forget to leave Mcfly and any boxes here?
*I should stop thinking of Jedi!Tom
*Eddie's Song looks slashy and hot. Why's it taking so long to download?
*It's cold
*I slept on the plane
*I miss Zazzie and Helenas
*I want Broken Dreams
*I need to see Zazzie
*I hate the dietian for ringing when he knew I was away and forcing an appointment on Thursday. I have no desire to go
* mentally hummed Air Hosttess when the hot air guy went past

Et the holiday that was
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