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My ticket outta loserville

Mcfly won everything they got nominated for! And they were nominated for everything possible!

Mcfly won: Best album, top mop (Dougie), most snoggable male (Danny), best band, best single and stars of the year!!

Lee won best solo and Son Of Dork won hot new talent! YAYS!

Lots of things of note happened.

When Danny came to pick up the award he thanked the band 'For the wonderful practicee he'd got'.
It looked like Lee's fly was undone when he performed.
At Ultraviolet, they all looked like clones in their outfits! Harry looked stoned.
When they came to pick up best band Son Of Dork wre on stage so they got hyper.
Lee's shock for his gold disc looked so cute!
When Son Of Dork performed Steve had eyeliner on that made him look sexaful!
Green Day won best International and best Rock, but looked drunk.
When Son Of Dork won they were hyper
When Mcfly won best single Dougie whispered something to Tom
All About You was... well I wasn't paying attention :[

And at the end the bands came on stage and DAVE SEARCHED FOR DOUGIE AND DANCED WITH HIM!!! :D That's the cutest thing ever!!


Seeing Lee has made me wanna do a Lee fic. Someone gimme someone to pair him with from Son Of Dork or Mcfly.

Kiss goodbye to my ticket outta loserville
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