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Which MCR memeber was stood less then 5 meters away from me? (it's not who you think)
What merchendise did I get?
Did I see Sam?
Who was the queen?
And how did I get home?

All these questions, and more, shall be answered:


Came in from college and showered, changed and made post. I got £40 for the night. I waited for the bus and hoped to get there before HMV closed. Alas, by the time I arrived it was, so I wanded aimlessly before thirst called and I went to McDonalds. On the way I noticed that emos had suddenly appeared and filled the streets. It's as if the campus emo cloning facility (aka the music department) has worked overtime. Outside Mcdonalds was a guy that had to be gay. I could tell from his voice. I eaten and noticed the downstairs part was closed. For Frankie's birthday perhaps?

Went to the Civic and waited. The doors didn't open till 7 so I just scanned the crowd and stard at this gorgeous guy. He had a star on his cheek and was guh! I think I drooled.

The doors didn't open till half past, which annoyed the emo crowd and made them chant for a guy on the roof opposite to jump. He didn't.

Got inside eventually and went straight to the merc table. I shallt list what I remember now:
*There were several t-shirts, one dark gray with MCR's name on and a rifle, the new one (although it was a fiver more), a black one with MCR's logo on, a gray one with a flag with the logo, a black one with a man and woman on (not the cover man/woman, I think it has the dates on, the rest don't) and a red one (which I didn't see well enough)
*A hoodie, with a spade on and on the back was the graves (ala Heln's tee)
*A hat, similar to Mikey's with MCR on (but it lacked a price)
*A wristband

At the other table was tie and poster and Every Time I Die stuff.

I got the wristband (sad I know), the rifle tee and THEE ARMBAND! I had to have it, it's amazing and pretty and <3.

I put them all in my bag, then hunted for a toilet but got confused cause the symbols there look the same and girls were in every doorway. Sigh.

I didn't see Sam which makes me sad. One or both of us would only have ended up drunk and made out with the other. Ah well.

Then I went in the main room. The first band had started playing, I have no idea who they are and was indifferent to them so... I went to where became my home for the next few hours: Just next to the sound thingy (with all the buttons). It was a good view and out of the pit, I could look over the rails and over the heads of people :D

Here is where the story gets interesting. I just arrived at the place and glanced over at the sound thing to look at the shiny buttons. Then I blinked and did a double take. 5 times. There, surrounded by these fans who clearly hadn't noticed him and pressing all the buttons and switches, stood Bob! My mind went 'Lyke OMG it's Bob and no one's paying attention so is it Bob let's look obsessively and take pictures'. it was so cool, but cause he was busy and I was still unsure if it was him I didn't call or anything. But it was cool, I watched and no one else seemed to have notice. Poor, forgotten Bob. *smushes him*

There was an interval, where Bob left and nothing interesting happened (but one of the roadies was hawt) till Every Time I Die were on. They were alright, but when they played Kill The Music gee didn't come one (the excuse is he 'wasn't there yet' *cough*causehe wasdoingMikeey*cough*). Maybe he'll do it at other gigs though, but Every Time I Die's lead did it then. He was alright, but not Gerard.But they did say Happy Birthday Frank.

Then they left and there was another break and then at half 9ish the show started. Before I go into it I'll describe the actual event itself I shall describe the stage. basic stage, with Bob's drumkit over everyone else. There was the 'stained glass window things' that people may have heard about/seen from the American tour, with lights around them (which kept flashing making it hard to take good pics). Gerard does wear his priest collar, but nothing religious is really mentioned at all. Ray was at the right and pocket person Frankie was left. The Ways kept moving around the middle.

Now, thee setlist is a lot like Camdens was, with thee order changed and 5 additions (1 of which was a tonight only). They started with Interlude, then I forget which is next. So I shall just do the major bits now. Note I couldn't see Frankie very well.

Mikey is a fucking perv. He spent 50% of his time staring at Gerard, mostly his ass. This was really obvious during Helena where he stood still for a few seconds just staring. (Mikey strikes me now as very kinky and perverted... and he looked assless :()

Near the start Mikey like licked his lips. His tongue's hot.

During a few songs Gerard looked at Mikey as he sang and (I can't remember which song this was) he STROKED MIKEY'S ARM! :D

Gerard said 'It's good to be home!' :D Yay! He also said that Wolverhampton was the first Uk gig they played and they were glad to be there again.

No one else talked. :(

They're taking a break (Gerard's melodramatic and calls this tour the farewell tour). Which is understandable since they've beeen touring practically non-stop for a year. He still got us to boo though.

Yes he made us clap/jump/sway/punch air/arm wave/dance.

Just before This Is The Best Day ever he said 'If you came here tonight in an MCR tee you're fucked up... not in sense of drugs or anything. But that's ok, cause there's five guys on this stage just as fucked up as you.'

Non-MCR: There was a girl in a skelaton crew hoodie that I was jealous of. Sob.

Non-MCR 2: There was an old school Tom lookalike!!

He went into a babble about the Misfits (means nothing to me) then played the first none Camden song: Astro Zombies. It was good, and the lights. Gah!

Just before Helena he told us to look up and say something about his Grandma, before doing the Woo's he always does.

He got the two pits to be one and said something about the drive in which I don't get.. he's odd sometimes.

During one song he uses his mike as a whip thing. Random I know.

The Ghost Of You was arm waving with lighters/phones and was amazing.

Next non-Camden song: Romance. Ray played a solo then Gerard sung. Now Romance has no lyrics so..

He kept touching himseelf.

He didn't do the 'here comes the bride' bit before To The End. Sob.

Several times Mikey was in front. Unfortunately he wouldn't stay still and those damn lights.

Bob kept throwing his drum sticks in the air and grabbing new ons. Odd boy. He did that every other song.

Next non-Camden song, which he claimed to be the first of the last 2 songs was a new one. The moment he said that the crowd went wild. h babbled about what it was about then it started. It's called Disenchantment (formerly known as Shut Up And Play). Several people sug last Christmas. I'm still unsure about it.

They played Prison and left (He looked at Mikey several times throughout), after riotus thumping the...

Encore stared, with the enxt non-Camden song VAMPIRES! :D Yay!

They played somthing else (I forgot what) then Gerard said they'd missed their favorite holiday cause they were flying here 'But that's ok, we get to dress like creeps every day!' Then that led to, 'But there was something else that happened yesterday: Frank's birthday!' He then reached out into the crowd, asked if he could borrow a flag then said 'And tonight he's gonna be the Queen of England!' He put it over Frankie's shoulders and he acted Queen-like.

Which led to the song that won't be played at any other night so NYEH! Happy Birthday, to which we all sung and Frankie's looked so happy and cutes!

Last song was I'm Not Okay, which evveryone rocked out to. Then night over.

Everyone piled out, getting our sweets as we went (I still haven't opened mine and duno if I should). Outside were the usual T-shirt, hoodie and poster sellers, but it was raining and I only had £10ish left so I doubted I had enough for a hoodie (even though I woulda liked one sob) and if I had got a poster it woulda only gotten wet.

Got to the bus stop and the last bus was at 10:30 (the gig finished at 11). So I ran and got on the 529 to Walsall hoping that theere'd be a bus there, which alas, they all finished at 10 as well.

However, beaten I was not. I went to the train station and hopped on the train home, without paying. Mwhahha. I got off at Landywood and walked back home. I got in a 12ish, told a sleeping mum how I got back and that it twas good, then drank, showered and, now, did this post. So, there's moi's account of last night, I can sleep now :P

This morning has been... Grrr!

I went to Wolverhampton, but I didn't leave till 11 cause I had to double back twice Sigh.

Once there though everything seemed fine and all, I went into Tk Maxx to look at the Star Wars, then went to the dvd place next door. When, disaster. I noticed my MCR armband was GONE! SOB SOB SOB!! I went back to Tk's and left my details and a describtion with a sales girl, and she said she's call if they found it. Damn velcro, it probably got stuck to some crappy shirt while I passed it.

However if I don't get a call by lunch tommorrow, then the contingency plan activates.

Sigh. Then I went to HMV and yay Taste Of chaos so I got it, annoting the sales guy with change and went to Forbidden Planet. That place is amazing and <3 but, there was no MCR figures yet. Sob.

I had enough left for one of two things: Lego Clone Walker, or Rock sound and Kerrang.

i chose the latter, but only cause Rock Sound had been out a bit and was ahrd to find. kerrang has a hot Bullet poster and Bert's in an interviw thing. he's such a narcisist. There was an interview with Frankie :D and he said his figure came with a gun. A sign maybe?

I'll have to get next Kerrang as it'll have the tour.

There's pretty boys in Rock Sound and Bob's worked at Disney! Mikey is very weird and Bob once had a zebra fixation. Once again they said how well they did here and how, at one point, they considerd moving here :D I love how Gerard describes th shows: 'it's like aggressive, softcore gay porn. There's a little man love, maybe some smoochimg, definately some crotch grabbing.'

Edit: I want the Taste Of Christmas, why did all the sites say it was import only till now? Sigh.

Edit 2: Two titles from the new MCR album are Boy Division and Seven Years Bad Luck :D

That's if you've still got one that's left inside that cave you call a chest,
And after seeing what we saw, can we still reclaim our innocence,
And if the world needs something better, let's give them one more reason now
Sister, I'm not much a poet, but a criminal,
And you never had a chance,
Love it, or leave it, you can't understand,
A pretty face, but you do so carry on,
and on, and on
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