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Mission? What plans?

So I've seen the eating disorder woman. The only thing clear so far is that I obviously need therapy. We talked about lots of things. My bisexuality, my social ineptness, school, bullying, my family, Sam, cutting, my anxiety, my fear of rejection by guys and trust issues. So we talked about a lot of shit basically. She was nice and friendly and easy to talk to (all good things).

The problem came when I was weighed. I'd lost 4kg since the doctor's appoinment. 4! I never even noticed.

Then she did a calculation to measure my body mass thing. 20-25 is normal weight. 15 is serverly underweight. I was 16. Translation: not good.

She's making another appointment with me and arranging one with a dietitian (sp?). Tommorrow I have to have my blood tested and my heart rate measured.

So yeah, it looks bad.

I'm gonna curl up in bed now.

I used to obsess over living,
Now I only obsess over you,
Tell me you'd like boys like me better,
In the dark lying on top of you,
This has been said so many times that I'm not sure if it matters
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