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They're still coming through!

Dear God,
Do something about the religious right. They're being total and utter cunts again.

There was a Jamaican guy on the bus. He scared me. He came up, sat in front of a gu and girl and said, very loudly if he had 'fucked her last night'. Dear god I wish I was joking, but alas, it's true. He did that for about 15 minutes, asking about their sex lives even though he'd only just met them. Creep.

I started Exquisite Corpse at last, and it's actually good. Don't read it if you're queasy easily. It's good though, so far.

How is it, although Birmingham is much bigger, it has fewer hot guys then Walsall? It makes no sense. However a hot guy in a black MCR shirt like the one I have, stared right at me and smiled. :')

I got Ghost Of You CD 2 at last and sushi stuff as well. The girl recognise me, so I didn't even have to ask yay. Japanese people are love. The guy that worked there was hot too.

There was another Japanese Mikey too. Where are they coming from??

I saw a lego Hailfire droid in Toys R Us. I want it, Hailfire's are so cool. But it was £49.99! Dear god why? It should only be £30 or something, as it has no figures or anything. Sob. At least it moves right.

Gamestation had a Masters Of Teras Kasi PS1 game but it was £15 :(

I sat behind a hot guy on the way back and stared at his neck. If he saw me he'd probably think I was a vampire. Sigh.

That's it really, it's been a not-very-interesting trip. Mum's not here and I'm slightly bored. :(

Helens, if you read this, lemme know you're ok yeah? I'm worried about you.

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Forget about the dirty looks,
The photographs your boyfriend took,
You said you read me like a book, but the pages are all torn and frayed
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