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Open the blast doors

Mum's insane. She dragged me out alllll day. It was so boring and my I-pod died :'(

I used my hidden mind ray and grandad took us to Mcdonalds yay! But the place was cursed. The drink machine was broke and they run out of stuff to amke milkshake so I had to go to the counter like 4 times. Sigh. But grandad gave me a tennner for no reason so Monday I can hunt for Lee's album yay! Anyone know where it's cheapest?

It started pissing it down when I got home and sob the kitty's were out in it :'( So I went back out in the rain and got them cat food and pioured them some milk. But they still looked so cold and it looked like their owner was gonna be out a while so I opened the door and let them in and now they're being so cute and exploring. *strokes them*

And they look like they're gonna eat the bird yay!

I like the way you move in the dark
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