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Play the message R2!

Today has been.. well cursed. On the bus I decided to check the cam and it wouldn't come on. So I got new batteries. Still wouldn't work. The cam, is now official, dead. :'(

As soon as I got to Walsall I looked to see if Battle Royale 4 was there but it wasn't, so I got The Cestus Deception instead. I blame the cover. Kit Fisto=guh.

I went to Birmingham then and as soon as I got there I cured. There was already a queue for Lee so I thought I was screwed. Semi-defeated I got a new cam and went to check if there was wristbands. There were! Yay! So I got in line. Surprisingly being surrounded by rabid fangirls=scary. They squealled at the slightest thing, especially the uber-hawt Lee lookalike.

After what semed like forever we were finally let in. Oh. My God. He was wearing green and he was so hot, but we could only get one thing signed per person sob. They played some of his new stuff which is really good (even though it stopped half way through:P) I handed the guy my cammera and he took a pic. Lee was sooo nice. He asked how I was and everything. I told him my name (oddly saying Stuart instead of Stu which is odd for me) then he smiled and we shook hands eee! On the poster thing he signed Lots of love Lee Ryan x even though I was a guy! *happy dance* It was so surreal though I was shaking.

Anyway I decided to calm down by going to HMV where I got Avenged Sevenfold - Sounding The Seventh Trumpt, Kylie - Intimate and Live (which has DANCING QUEEEN :D) and Kylie -Remixs Vol 1. Non of which I'd seen before so yay!

Then I made my post *points to it* Thank god for phone booth things. (the line was still there :P)

After seeing Lee I was speechless for awhile, so I decided to avoid food (which would require speech) and go to take snaps. I went to The Entertainer to take a pic of the N-1 starfighter. Then I realised a very bad problem. THE CAM'S FIILM HAD WOUND ITSELF BACK SO THERE WAS NO LEE/ME PIC >:-(


I took the pic anyway and got a Clone Strike started set. The annoyance of not having a pic had rurned my voice so I could ask the help.

I went to Yo!Sushi to mourn my loss. Sigh. I sat there for like 20 minutes without grabbing anything. But I managed, in the end, to eat 2 sets of avocado maki and one of cucumber.

I left then and went to get teh piercing. It was only £20 yay! The girl that did it was the sex and had purple hair (she reminded me of kitty). She had loads of piercings. Purple hair makes anyone the sex. She numbed my tongue and lips and then pierced, which didn't hurt that much. She gave me a thing on how to take care of it and I said a garbled thank you.

There endth the day :P I hope you enjoyed it. I now curse cammeras. I'm gonna get back up digi-cam for pics :P

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Right by my comp:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Oh and the Helen,I saw a Chi figure!

We’ve waited far too long to,
Watch it all crash and fall through,
So when you feel like shit you’ve got to keep on pushing,
If you saw the world through my eyes,
Then you wouldn’t feel so highrise
Its time to take our chance you’ve got to sit back and hold tight
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