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Where are you taking them?

I had a very weird dream last night. It was basicaly my dream dream Star Wars, MCR and Tom. Basically Padme admitted she was a lesbian and the babies weren't real, she went psycho and started stabbing people, while Anakin rebounded surprisingly well and made out with Obi-Wan and Kit Fisto. Somewhere along the line there were Sandcrawers and motorbikes on Coruscant (I mean, honestly, it has no solid ground so what's the point of either). Then there was an MCR concert with emo boys (and Mikey/Gee, Ray/Frankie) making out. This is where Tom came in, making out with his brother and then Bob. Then for some reason it changed to me being with Zazzie and pointing to his brother on tv (It was a veeeeeeeery old video and Sam was just a kid). Then Padme came on announcing that was Darth Sidious all along and that she'd evil laugh and rule the galaxy. Where the hell do I get this stuff?

Anyway, mum's changed her mind about me going to Lee next week so off I'm going it seems. However I only think this is an attempt to please me for blabbing that I might have to go to Birmingham to my grandad which pissed me off just a little. Thene she asked why I didn't tell her what was wrong. Because you'd fucking tell everyone that's why! Ugh she's immpossible.

Teh Bourneway fic has now been officially commissioned.

I'm suddenly psyched for MCR in Novemeber. Dreamysigh, November 1st will be the best day ever. I've also made a promise to myself. If Tom's there, I will grab him and make out with him, then and there.

Well if you wanted honesty,
That's all you had to say,
I never want to let you down or have you go,
It's better off this way.
For all the dirty looks,
For photographs your boyfriend took,
Remember when you broke your foot from jumping out the second floor?
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