We're owl exterminators (shadow_hive) wrote,
We're owl exterminators

I've been dreaming about you, in a pool of your own blood

Guh. Did I mention I hate the heat? It's fucking evil and unnatural. Bah.

Birmingham was fun. I love my random trips there.

I had an agenda for when I went (get Fightstar dvd single, Simple Plan single and Mascara Story single) but it kinda screwed up. And by kinda I mean I only got Mascara Story. Only the big Virgin had it (which thankfully was the first place I went) and as I got I went to pay all the cards from my wallet feel out cause I got it out upside down :[.

Meh. Then I went to Forbidden Planet. I swear our one sucks. It didn't have Gravitation AT ALL. Grrr. So I went from there through the market place thing to go to Toys R Us and what I saw cursed my idiocy.

There, where I go passed EVERY SINGLE TIME I GO was Oasis. vghjdgdhhdh how could I miss it!? I go past it every time I'm there! Sigh. So I went in and had a quick look round, I didn't stay long though cause it was so warm but yay for finding it.

So then I went to Toys R Us and blah they didn't seem to have anything interesting but SQUEE! They had the Invisible Hand playset which I've wanted since I saw it on a Star Wars site. It looks so cool. And I <3 the blue Vulture droids.

The I went round Music Zone and Gamestation. But I couldn't make my mind up what I wanted. I almost got Spirited Away but gah I was £1 short. :( So I looked through the cds to see anyone interesting and for some reason I was drawn to Avenged Sevenfold. I have no idea why i just was. But it was even more then Spirited Away so I went to HMV.

It's a tradition to go to the Bullring HMV cause that's where I met Zoe. So I went in and as I went past the cds there I saw Avenged Sevenfold again. So I looked though to see if they'd done other cds (Music Zone only had the one) and there was Waking The Fallen. And I had just enough for it so I got it.

Then I got on the bus and put it on and eee I <3 it.

There's a lyric in Chapter 4 that reminds me of Blade You Stain's psycho Gee.
I've come here to kill you,
won't leave until you've died
Murder born of vengeance,
I closed my brother's eyes tonight...
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