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When I say don't tell him I mean not tell him, not go in front of a cammera and say it!

Today is massively hot. Again.

I saw a Quinn-lookalike. Guh he was hawt.

I want the Mascara Story for some reason. even though I've never heard them. Damn Kerrang ads.

We only had a little thing to do, so we were all pissing around in the tv room. It surpirses me how I'm the only fucking virgin. Gah it's no fair. Sam got bored and asked me who I liked in the room. I tried not teling him, but he was very insistant. So eventually I just caved and told him. I liked Tom.

He then kept bugging me to tell him, to which I said no. Then when he did his video bit he waited to the end and said 'Oh and Stu fancies Tom'. svbcvhjbgffh IDIOT!

I was too busy evil-glaring Sam to catch Tom's reaction though, but he didn't seem to mind. I spent the rest of the time staring at him. How could I not? His top was moving up and his jeans were going down slightly so guh.

I guess I should describe Tom. Think Dougie and Sonny's lovechild and you're there.

So when he did his thing he stared and me purposeful and said I was his friend. Awww. Even though we've never talked. Sigh. Then we hid behind the thing and I had his ass in my face and Sam was mouthing 'touch it' and I just wanted to slap him. The Tom smoked indoors. Such a hot bad boy.

Then we were told we could go and he went ahead but when I passed him he said 'See ya Stu.' Guh. I want him just a bit. Is he, ya know, flirting? I'm hopeless. Maybe I should talk to him? Hmmm.
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