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Deprivation, penguins and infestations

I stayed up till 3am last night due to this damn heat. It really is too fucking hot out here. And what's insanely worse is there seems to be a mass invasion of spiders. I swear I seen three last night. Where the hell are they coming from???

Where are cold drinks when you need em? We have none and I need something carbonated and fizzy. Prefably Pepsi. Or even better, Pepsi Twist.

I, like just about everyone else, is... well concerned about the Bert/Gee fight thing. What's up with that?

There's a thing about Download last night and that provided no answers. But Gee's hair is the sex now and Mikey was as silent as ever. What does it take to make the guy talk? Frankie was bent over very suggestively and Gee sounded like he was having an orgasm during Ghost of You. And Quinn's hair was losing it's blondeness!

I'm hoping that mum will let me go to Taste of Chaos in Birmingham in November. I wanna go. So I'm gonna ask nicely later.

Doctor Who has night was great! I <3 Jack I'm glad he lived. They better go back and get him.

I'm gonna go and get the aforementioned pepsi. Must. Get. It.

Edit: Bah they only had tango but that'll do.

I've finally joined myspace. Woo-fucking-hoo: www.myspace.com/shadowhive
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