We're owl exterminators (shadow_hive) wrote,
We're owl exterminators


Seen a questionairre thing on slashluvrrina's journal.
Hope she doesn't mind me filling it in.

[ x ] The story behind your lj user name - Well shadow is what I live in mostly and hive is from the Resident Evil film.
[ x ] Are you a lesbian? No, cause I'm a guy, but I'm gay and proud of it:)
[ x ] Where do you live? England *sigh*
[ x ] 4 words that sum you up - sarcastic, mad, lonely, creative
[ x ] Wallet - Black with Bart Simpson on it
[ x ] Hairbrush - None but I have an orange comb
[ x ] Toothbrush - Purple
[ x ] Jewelry worn daily - My watch, dark gold bracelet, three silver necklaces: one with an ankh, one with the eye of Horus and one with an aquamarine crystal
[ x ] Pillow cover - Blue with dolphins
[ x ] Blanket - The same as my pillow cover
[ x ] Coffee/Tea cup - One with Anakin on from Episode 1
[ x ] Sunglasses - I have a pair, brownish
[ x ] Underwear - White
[ x ] CD in stereo right now - Lostprophets: Start Something
[ x ] Tattoos - None, but I want one
[ x ] Piercings - One in my left ear
[ x ] What you are wearing now - Blue jeans, creamish jumper
[ x ] Hair - Almost shoulder length, straight and black
[ x ] Makeup - None
[ x ] In my mouth - Just my tongue
[ x ] In my head - Thoughts about my Blue fic: Falling Away
[ x ] Wishing - To have a hot guy naked tied to the bed :P
[ x ] After this - gettin a drink
[ x ] Talking to - No-one but I am singing *blush*
[ x ] Eating - Chocolate biscuits!
[ x ] Fetishes - I dunno yet....
[ x ] If you could get away with it and murder anyone, who would it be and for what reason - President Bush or the Pope: cause Bush wants to make it so same sex couples can't marry and the Pope because of his homophobic comments *grrr*
[ x ] Person you wish you could see right now - Simon
[ x ] Is next to you - Tele, radio
[ x ] Some of your favorite movies - Star Wars, Matrix, Queen of the Damned...
[ x ] Something you're looking forward to in the upcoming month - Valentine's day (maybe), half term
[ x ] Something that you are deathly afraid of - Being alone in the future, big spiders
[ x ] Do you like candles? - Sure.
[ x ] Do you like the taste of blood? - Yep
[ x ] Do you believe in love? - Sometimes, I can get cynical about it
[ x ] Do you believe in soul mates? Maybe
[ x ] Do you believe in love at first sight? I dunno, I suppose so
[ x ] Do you believe in Heaven? - I believe that there's something after death, not sure what
[ x ] Do you believe in forgiveness? - Depends on what it was
[ x ] Do you believe in God? - Ibelieve there is a creative force, not necessarily a god
[ x ] What do you want done with your body when you die? - Buried with my lover, if i ever have one...
[ x ] Who is your worst enemy? - I don't have enemies I think...
[ x ] If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be? - A monkey, he he
[ x ] What is the latest you've ever stayed up? -The whole night long
[ x ] Ever been to Belgium? - Nope, but i want to
[ x ] Can you eat with chopsticks? - Never had the chance to
[ x ] What's your favorite coin? - Dunno
[ x ] What are some of your favorite candy? Galaxy chocolate
[ x ] What's something that you wish people would understand? That we are all equal
[ x ] What's something you wish you could understand better? - The meaning of life.
[ x ] What's one thing you want to make happen for tomorrow? I dunno,
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