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I shall kill the postman. He delievered my dvds to the woman downstairs with the kittens. *slaps him* So when he came and I saw him leave I got all panicy then the woman caught me and said 'We got this Stu.' I breathed a sigh of relief and ran back up.It was raining all morning so I didn't go to see tnan till late then I had to come back as Danny was sick. :(

I wached 9 episodes of Chobits upon my return. It's funny. And odd. The little one.. hee she's funny. She got stuck in a jar. Then a dog was chewing her. 'Error! Error! I am not a chew toy!' Then Chii of course had to chew her too. *giggles* Hideko=porno obsessed.

Dreamysigh. Amusing muchy.

Mary was on last night! Squeee! It was a very... interesting series of events. *snigger*

I'm gonna write soon, honest.

And wow, I hurt someone with my words. Big fucking whoop.

Have a nice day
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