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I don't understand you

Ah yesterday was fun. We watched Godsend, White Noise, Farscape and part of Cube. White Noise is really freaky. Especially the documentary thing that is really shocking cause a sound actived recorder recorded when no one talked and when it was played back there was a voice. :|

Kel's like Aeryn. 'Shooting helps me feel better!'

I finally watched a Big Brother as well. Heheh the BOXES! That was... amusing/weird. And isit just me or is there A LOT of sexual tension between the guys. Just fuck already!

And ewww that program about things removed from people. EWWWW! I hide under my blanket. :[

I was baaaad. I ordered Chobits and Evangelion. It was, strangely, from the same person that I got Gravitation off, so that's a gurantee they'll be here today.

Yesterday was interesting. I got Funeral For A Friend and one Fightstar single. I couldn't find the dvd one though. Bah. Funeral For A Friend=briliance. Especially Sonny. That song makes me think of Shuichi/Yuki. *squees*

College was sora interesting. Got paired with Katie, which is always fun. She's dead cool. She's jealous I'm seeing MCR. :D And she stroked my MCR t-shirt. :D She's brillant really. She has a rose tattoo that's really pretty. And she called my voice haunting when I said a line. I hate my voice, it's too high.

So Micheal Jackson is innocent. I was really indifferent to the matter, but I'll say this. He seems child-like and way too fragile to have done such things. I doubt he did do such things, and if something happened it wasn't intentional.

You are bleak,
You are beautiful,
No matter what they say
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