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I should have been erased

I just finished watching Gravitation. :D It's amazing! Seriously! :D All I see is two problems. One: where the hell were those sex scenes?? Two: There could easily have been two or ya know ten episodes more. I want more damnit! MORE! *demands more*

It made me laugh. It made me almost cry. It made me squeal like a fangirl. And I want more. 13 is just too small a number ya know?

But I guess it's gona be one of those great shows that are incredible and have a short run. (The first of which that comes to mind is QAF UK). It could clearly have a series two set around the tour aand how hard it is for them to maintain an on-the-move relationship. Or something.

But then it's been 6 years since it was made so sigh I guess there's not gonna be one. I WANT A SEQUEL SERIES DAMNIT!

And calm.

I want more anime. Way way more. (*giggles* way.. hee) More yaoi anime. I demand it. More. More. MORE!

Helen. I blame you for this! 94.7%!

Especially if I started writing slash about it!
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