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Only Sith deal in absolutes

Wow. Just... wow. Go. See it.

The battle of Coruscant was absolutely amazing. It's better then all the other battles combined. Just... amazing.

R2 is, as Kez would say, was very spunky.

Padme: I'm... pregnant.
Anakin: That's... *world's longest pause* wonderful.

Anakin topless... mmmm

It dragged a little after that, then got interesting when when Palpatine revealed himself.

Grevious was a little... less then I expected.

Wow. I cried when Anakin executed Order 66. :( All the way through the destruction of the Jedi.

Then when Padme saw the temple buring.

Yoda on Chewie!

Oh god when Tantive IV came on I held back a squee.

I cried again when Obi-Wan found out the truth, then when he told Padme.

I love Padme's new ship. It's beautiful.

Meh the slaughter was all cut up. Bah.

Then when Padme confronted him I cried again. God Psycho!Anakin is hot. I cried and fucking shook during the duel.

I cried when Anakin burned :( Obi-Wan loved him :(

Then Padme :( Sob. God I cried too much.

Squee Alderaan.

To some up, it's the best. Of all six. Seriously.
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