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This is gonna be my last post I make here. (Well that’s the intent anyway, who knows?)

I basically did the repost of stuff as a courtesy to lc_ffaf/freeflowfall so that they’d always be able to access the stuff. But, well, I just don’t see too much point reposting the fic posts from dreamwidth here since I’ve fully moved over there.

(And, let’s face it, no one is really here anyway anymore)

I’m still gonna keep everything up on here (the Lostprophets and YMAS fic is still locked and will likely stay that way).

Ive has some awesome times here and I really miss a lot of the people who I’ve ended up meeting here along the way. I wish I hadn’t lost touch with so many people and I hope they’re doing ok.

So yeah, I’m over on dreamwidth now, if you haven’t already then hit up on there. Content there is mostly fic, (locked) personal posts and ramblings. I’ve also started up picspams and (hopefully) a monthly fic meme thing.
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Edit: Finally deciding to add other me-stuff here, as this has become the 'add me' post of sorts.

Do add me if:
*You like slash
*If you like My Chemical Romance, Bullet For My Valentine, Panic! At The Disco, Madina Lake, The Blackout, Bring Me The Horizon
*If you think Waycest/Smithcest/Sykecest/Leonecest is love
*If you like Japan or Wales
*If you like what I write

Don't add me if:
*You're homophobic, racist or any of that general shit (though that much should be clear)
*You hate slash
*If you want to force me to like Jaybourne, Ferard or Ryden
*If you think Waycest/incest fic in general is sick
*If you are going to insult either Star Wars, Pokemon, Kylie, Madina Lake, Panic! At the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Bullet For My Valentine or other Welshies
*If you're going to try and convert me to a religion
*If you want to cause trouble or drama

Also, if you're a member of fuckyou_mcr there's a good chance I won't add you unless I'm sure you're good people. To clarify, if anything I post here ends up there and it's you, you're gone.

Friends of crossbow1 won't be added at all.

Allow me to explain this. This is due to her being a bitch and also not realising it. (Also she doesn't seem to realise that it's more then one thing about her that bothers me, instead she focusses on one.) The reason I don't want to be friends with her friends is that we might end up replying to the same post, something I avoid at all costs.

Same with 67, who is perhaps the most childish person in history.

Also, orangesnrg piss off.

I think that is all.

Also, now all MCR fic posts are locked. This is due, primarily, to MCR 'fans' being absolute cunts. Hence I also don't just add random people who add me. I will not add back unless you comment.

Edit (again): You know what? Lostprophets and MAS fans have proven to be utter morons so I'm locking those fics too.
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Waycest Ketchup and mustard

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I started an MCR/bandom ship discord a few months ago. If anyone wants to join it’s here. It’s 18+ so please don’t join if you’re younger and all ships are welcome.
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You can get your own card here!


Congrats to 20 years lj, although I don’t use it much anymore it was just a great place at its height.mits such a shame everything went so wrong and so many communities and people went to the wind. A few months ago when I was on a Waycest kick it was so sad seeing all the posts that were deleted and purged. Although I’m not active here anymore I’ll never delete this lj.

I’m always around on dreamwidth, or twitter (or now discord) and if anyone does decide they want to talk to me there I am always going to be willing. There’s so many people from my time here that I miss and I would love to get in touch with them if they want to reach out.

(It’s amusing it seems my most visited posts were Painc! ones which I’ve not read in ages
Waycest Kiss

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It’s so sad seeing so many deleted and purged ljs when you’re looking for stuff. Ugh
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Jay/Matt Fighting

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Since my fic brain has been iffy lately I’m doing this which is a fic request post (not that I’m optimistic about). I’ll do pretty much anything really, with a few exceptions.

*Frerard (or anything really with Iero)
*You Me At Six

Those are the main ones that come to mind, I may update them.

For what I will do, just look at the tags basically, I’ll do anything for them pretty much. I’ll try anything else though if you have a suggestion. Ideal requests are at least a pairing and a prompt, the more the better! So yeah, if you have a request lemme know.

Things will be posted here and on dreamwidth, maybe over on ao3 too.
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Duncan/Lee Close

Birthdays are dumb

Most of my personal thoughts are over on dreamwidth now. Anyone is welcome to follow there not that there’s anything too interesting.

Last few days have been tiring.

My puppy, Naryu, escaped Thursday and ran into the road. Thankfully she wasn’t hit by anything. But fuck, did it scare me.

On Friday I found Finn, one of my guinea pigs, dead in his cage. I felt so sad, partly for his cagemate Padme but also because I felt I’d not loved him much lately (due to Naryu). I was sure to give Padme cuddles as we buried him.

Yesterday was my birthday. I’ve disliked my birthdays for years. They’ve not been the same since I lost my grandparents. It was, better than some, though mostly that was down to building Lego all day. Plus there was cake so...

I watched Coco today and it was pretty good. The afterlife is pretty but also sad too. Plus Coco was sad too.

I’m now cuddled up with Naryu on Elder Scrolls for a bit
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Ray Relaxed self-groping

Look At You Now Part 1

Look At You Now
Pairing: Jay James/Ray Toro
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: AU, bdsm, amputation (in part 2)
Notes: So, ages ago I commissioned fossilfish over on tumblr to do some art of amputee!Jay. I always meant to do a fic based on it, in fact I had two versions started, but never finished either one. (One had Calvin Roffey while the second had Ashley Purdy, though they had the same fic as a basis) So I guess I’m trying it again, starting from scratch this time so it’s different from those. (And the first halfish is much different)
Notes 2: It’s been months since I have wrote anything. Losing someone I considered to be one of my best friends killed my urge to write, especially something like this. But I dunno. This has taken a few weeks to do in slow bursts. Thanks so much Ezra for encouraging me to write again
Notes 3: So part 1 is very... tame compared to its inspiration but, ah well. Second part will have the good stuff
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