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Are you scared of monsters?

Picture post. Mostly random.

Stuff from yesterday

Clone Wars storage bin, which I forgot to mention)

The white tee with the dragons and stuff, even though it might not be clear

The sparkly blue tee

Treasure, the yaoi manga. Nomnom gay pirates

Other stuff

Butterfree and Bulbasaur which I got down south

The signed Rhod dvd

The big Bullet poster down here

This month's calandar. Nom!

The poster's by the bed

Steiff guinea pig that came today< 3

Thankfully because it was sunny today I got some outside shots.

The bucket we re-planted, with it's first flower.

The rancor outside

The Felucian warrior

The rancor with Danny

Rancor vs AT-AT

Rancor wins!


Lastly me, cause I suck
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