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Your hetrosexual logic hurts me

For once I'd like just one day were my first thought wasn't mum get the fuck off the phone.

I'm gonna have to confiscate the damn thing.

I had a dream that makes no sense. Joy.

Now I'm stuck taking over bags again.

Gerard, for the love of fuck kiss or grope someone that's NOT Frankie Iero. I don't care if it's Matt, Bob, Ray, Brian, Chester, Matthew, Nathan or anyone else on this tour (actually I do have preferences but that's not the point) just do something with someone else please. As well as or instead of I don't care, just do it before I go crazy.

Apparently something's going on at the nearby skatepark cause I had pretty's ask me for directions. Cue me not remembering which way's left or right for a few seconds. Thankfully I gave them the right directions.
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