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This is a song for the lonely

Why can't I find Cher's Living Proof album for a good price online? Sigh.

I hate mum for making me move a wardrobe, only to have it put back where it was to start with.

I hate when my comp goes all weird and I can't do anything. Technology's a bitch.

I'm now working on finishing that fic I started yesterday (which I did 3 pages of last night, I said there's days I can write loads easy), then tonight'll be Ally Mcbeal/Resident Evil.

Tomorrow I've got the docotor's appointment, so I'll get some food 9which i really need) and go in Blockbusters. Wedensday we're going to see nan in the home, so I'll be offline for the day. I hope to get that Brain Academy Wii game.

I may or may not do a poll tonight.
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