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Unto death

Today was horrible. Mum had a go at me, so I had a go right back and we had a massive fight. I'm sick of the constant fights, always about thesame thing. I'm sick how she doesn't give a fuck and only goes on about her problems or calls me a failure. She never wants to listen to me about my stuff, not even for a moment. I hate her.

I'm close to just saying fuck it all and leaving. I was close to saying 'fuck it' to the gig as well cause she ttook the money I had (I threw it in her face). Then when i ask for the ticket she's all 'I dunno where it is'. Bitch.

Of course I'm not giving up on the gig just causa her. I'm going tomorrow to get the ticket though I'm not seeing ehr again after that. Fuck mother's day, she's been a shit mother.
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