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And it became impossible to control

And just after last post, I open the front door and gah! There's a package. If it's said package that the thing was about I have no idea.

Opened it (it obviously wasn't Panic!) and it was the resident Evil Archives book (cause i wanna read up on the T-virus) and the Doctor Who soundtrack.

The book=love cause it's full colour inside and perdy. I expected it to be black and white and I'm so glad reference books now (read as Star Wars ones) are all full colour now.

The soundtrack is great. Frequently I thought to myself 'I wanna hear the music' and now I can. Woop. Doomsday makes me sad. Murray gold=genius.

I coulda edited this into the last post... but I can't be bothered.

He must make out with Harry, it is law
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