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I. Hate. Writers. Block.

It's awful, just... awful.

I make a start on the Hooker Spencer fic, I get a page into it and bah! block strikes. So I try and work on one of the others. Nothing, nothing at all.

So I take a break, go on Pokemon (where I summarily get killed) and try again.

Still nothing.

Gah! It's not tiredness, I know that. Maybe it's cause of the cold, but I don't think so.

I'm going to try again no though, cause maybe it's just selective block (had it with Dead once) and if I find the right fic then I'll be able to write again.

Trouble is which to try first?

I know I'll feel happier once amazon stuff has arrived.

By the goddessess... why are there so many porny adverts on at this time of night? And all of them involving girls. I demand guys making out.

Travis Barker topless. Pics anyone?
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