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Today was goood. Uni wasn't that interesting, generally it twas a meet and greet kinda thing.

Then shopping ensued.

Forbidden Planet=LOVE! I got a R4-G9 (which won't fit in Obi's interceptor which means it's annoying). It's leg can retract though. They had Legacy #1 so i got it too < 3 No Frankie fig, but lotsa Mikey's...

I saw a few people with Ray-hair. One was cutes.

Got a wrap-thing from Tesco, went to Mcdonalds, been in Woolworths, Music Zone and HMV.

Got a Lego ARC-170 Starfighter for a fiver off. Urethra Cronicles and Vader for angel < 3 and got Edward Scissorhands, which I've never seen but it was in the sale.

New Kit fig next year < 3

Oh. My. Gods. Doctor Who! Tonight's ep wasn't all that, but wow! Next week! Torchwood! Melding with the Parrell Universe! The Cybermen! Rose's death implied! JACK WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!

Baby, we MUST see it! :D

I'll be ficcing tonight, after finishing building.
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