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Lipstick, blood and gore

Wikipedia is brilliance! And addictive.

Through it, I found out about the Star Wars Infinities, which sound like brilliance! They're a series of graphic novels. There's one for each of the Original Trilogy (I guess they'll be Prequel ones soon too) and they are alternate histories. Meaning that something fucks up and changes the rest of the series.

IV: Torpedo malfunction
V: Han's tauntaun dies
VI: Jabba knocks C-3P0 over (causing damage)

Things that make them squeeful:
*The Justice Star
*Major character death
*A non-Han character being frozen in carbonite
*Nexu's (which are the best moving Star Wars creature) causing an orgy of death and destruction
*Destruction of several major locations
*Characters turning evil
*Rampaging ewoks!

Squeee I must hunt them down. I think I'll go to Forbidden Planet and poke the emo boy into giving me.

I have a gore fixation now.

Do I have other random thoughts? .....


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